Our laboratory technicians work really hard to remain at the forefront of the industry when it comes to utilizing new technology and equipment in the manufacturing process. The efficiencies gained by the lab-technicians allow us to deliver a more consistent result, quicker, and at a competitive price.

Fast & Reliable

Fast and Reliable Service ~ On-time, Every-time!

We take normal as well as fast-track rush orders. Our services are not only of the Premier quality, but we ensure the timely production and delivery of all products. Our rates are also very competitive in the Baltimore area in this line of products.

Fast-Track Services

We offer rush and urgent services, including next-day dentures. We are the only laboratory in the Baltimore region that offers Next Day Service. Our fast-track services include the following:

Same Day Service
- Denture Repairs and Relines (most areas)

3 Day Service
- Flippers, Bite Blocks Trays, TCS Relines/Repairs

5 Day Services
- Setup Dentures & Partials
- Process Dentures & Partials
- Night Guards

10 Day Services
- Cast Partials Frame
- Process TCS Partials
- Space Maintainers
- Hawley

12 Day Service
- Crowns